LetterMate BOLD
LetterMate BOLD
LetterMate BOLD
LetterMate BOLD

LetterMate BOLD

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LetterMate BOLD features a 50% Wider Letter Width than LetterMate Upright and LetterMate Italic allowing you to create a more Extended Letter Shape.

My Bold Casual Tutorial Posters were created using LetterMate BOLD Proportions.

The LetterMate BOLD is a drawing tool designed to assist in drawing and/or painting 3” Tall Upright Upper and Lower Case Letters & Numerals in Casual, Block and Script styles maintaining correct letter proportions and angles.

Use it to mark out Guidelines and Letter Widths.

1/4" spaces between Letter Widths are for mechanical practice mark-outs and shouldn't be used as final "Letter Spacing" when writing Words.

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- Comes with Instructions and Letter Width Charts for Block Capitals, Casual Capitals and Script Lowercase.

- Width markers for every Letter and Numeral

- Engraved 1" measuring increments on each side

- Jig for marking out 3" guidelines with a .5” gap

- Can be used as a square for marking vertical lines.

- Made from durable 1/16" Plastic.

- Comes with Instructions and Letter Width Chart.

- Overall Dimensions 9" x 4".

Made in USA