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John King is a Traditional Hand Lettering Artist who spent his childhood amongst the golden wheat fields of  North-Eastern Victoria, Australia during the 1970's. At the age of 16 he fell in love with the traditional art form of hand lettering when his high school art teacher introduced  him to a talented local sign craftsman. 

He spent the next 4 years learning the craft from two of Australia's leading hand letterers. During this time John developed a reputation for turning simple business signage into works of art. In fact, visitors to the country city of Shepparton can still see artwork created by his business "John King Signs" during the 1990's.  In 2010 John moved to Los Angeles with his wife Valeria to pursue his creative endeavors and now uses his classic hand lettering skills to produce beautiful wall art inspired by the spirit of optimism and adventure that characterize the early 20th Century.

In a world where software programs have  almost completely replaced the role of the craftsman, John's work has an  honesty that not only pleases the eye, but speaks to the soul. With commercial  hand lettering being ephemeral by nature as businesses re-brand or close, John’s  aim is to preserve the craft by creating permanent Letter Art pieces that can be enjoyed by collectors and enthusiasts alike for many years to come.
John's works are hand drawn and painted on reclaimed timber using traditional hand lettering and gold leaf techniques to capture the essence of a bygone era, allowing the astute collector to own a piece of one of yesteryear's dying artisan trades.