I had the pleasure of going to John Kings casual lettering boot camp to learn and brush up on brush control. I highly recommend this work shop it is a class act.
-Brian Ferre
I've always been interested in both typography and hand painted signs/lettering.  The workshop was a great introduction into both, and gave me enough of a grasp to enjoy practicing and painting the occasional sign.  I work in design so its been very helpful and applicable on a regular basis.  Its one of those things that you need to be taught in person and John shares his well honed technique and tricks of the trade developed over years of experience."
-Andrew Potash
John makes it look easy! His 30 years of experience and competence as a teacher allows him to adapt to the needs of each student.The workshop I was in had various levels of people, from justpicking up a brush to those more advanced. Regardless of their skill level, everyone's work improved significantly over two days. I love paint brushes, I buy them almost obsessively. Since I've started using John's brushes I haven't reached for anything else. 
- Joe O'Neill www.doubleojoe.com
While much can be learned from books and internet, there are many
gaps of knowledge that you can only get from working under a seasoned
pro like John.  I learned more in a weekend than with years of self-guided study
- especially with proper brush technique.
- Alex Gonzalez

The workshop was so amazing and I highly recommend it to everyone.
I went in a little rusty and not knowing how to properly create casual and
casual script letterforms the way John does and I left the class knowing
exactly what I needed to do in my practice to make my casual/script better.
I wanted to leave and just practice nonstop. I liked that it was a small size classroom because
every student got as much personal help from John as possible and I truly did see every single
person improve throughout the 2 days. I got way more than I expected from this workshop.
- Remy Chwae


Painting with John was a unique pleasure. His kind attention, enthusiasm,
and patient instruction are exactly what you’d want in a teacher.

- J.Gilman

John’s class was very helpful in the style and spacing of lettering,
giving a very natural look to hand done lettering and building
my confidence with a brush.

-Mike Donner Pinstriping


For anybody who wants to learn from a master of the Brush take this
class its fun and very well taught by John.
-“Bugs” Gonzalez  AZ


John King came to me as an enthusiastic young man with a thirst for
knowledge of signwriting. He showed great adaptability to the skill of the
brush and an overflow of imagination. His skills are highly developed and as
one of Johns teachers l recommend his capability to teach and pass on the
skills of hand lettering . John is a great teacher to learn from as he has a
pocket full of skills a lot of people have never seen.
-Winton Francis, Original employer

"John King worked for me when in his teens. He is a great exponentof the art of signwriting. Before moving from Australia to the U.S.A. he conducted a sign business in the regional city of Shepparton in the state of Victoria.
He is a real trendsetter in all aspects of sign design and technique. He is highly talented in the art of brush lettering and typestyle modification and can hold his
head high within the fraternity.  And he is one of the most personable characters one would ever meet."
- Arthur German. Former Employer. Former Owner,
German Signs, Cobram,  Australia. Retired. 


"As someone who's been training Signwriting Apprentices for many years and has seen the technical changes evolve in the industry, it's refreshing to have worked with John King. Not only does he have the gift of being a fantastic Signwriter but
he also has a passion for the traditional skills and is happy to pass them on via his videos and workshops. His work is an inspiration to anyone wanting to learn the craft of Signwriting. After establishing John King Signs in country Victoria Australia many years ago John produced a wide range of work of work from Traditional Signwriting, Brick Walls, Vehicles, Day-Glo Windows and anything in between. Every piece of
work I've ever seen from John has been top quality." 
- John Craddock, Retired Teacher/Dept. Head  
Victoria University Sign Training Department,Melbourne Australia